Talambuhay ni – is Biography in English

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The term biography in tagalog is Talambuhay. This keyword talambuhay has 368,000 search queries a month. Filipino is looking for biography of certain individual like Jose Rizal which is the Philippine national hero’s.  People are looking for biography or talambuhay of  Philippine national heroes, presidents, politicians and famous Filipino Celebrities.

This People is well known in Philippine Society they have contribute a achievement in the Philippinesin terms of Arts, Language, Entertainment and Politics. Most of  the Search Queries came from Students from Elementary, Highschool and colleges.

Heres is the list of high search queries about biography of famous people in the Philippines.

Talambuhay ni Melchora Aquino – Biography of Melchora Aquino has 4,400 search queries per month

Talambuhay Manuel Roxas – Biography of forme President Manuel Roxas 2,900

Talambuhay ng mga Bayani – Biography of Philippine heroes

Talambuhay ni Lea Salonga

Talambuhay Tagalog

Vilma Santos Talambuhay – Vilma santosBiography

Philippinesnational heroes

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Talambuhay ni Jose Rizal – Life of Jose Rizal

– Rizal

Talambuhay ni Francisco Balagtas

Talambuhay ni Francisco Baltazar

 –                        Aesop

  –                      Andres Bonifacio

-Talambuhay ni Emilio Jacinto

-Talambuhay ni  Gabriela Silang

 –                         Antonio Luna

  –                       alejandro Abadilla

  – Talambuhay ni Dr. Jose Rizal

    –                     Quezon

     –                     Manuel Quezon

      –                   mahatma Gandhi

       –                  Marcela agoncillo

        –                  Mariano Ponce

         –                Melchora aquino

          –                 Emilio Aguinaldo

           –               Elpidio Quirino

Talambuhay ni  Epifanio De los Santos

                     –     esopo

Talambuhay ni  Erap

                    –      Claro m Recto

                 –        Pedro Guevarra

Talambuhay ni Ferdinand Marcos

– San Lorenzo Ruiz                         

– Santiago Pepito             

Talambuhay ni  Rajah Soleman

Talambuhay ni Lapu lapu

Talambuhay ni

 Rajah Soliman

 Ramon Magsaysay

                          Padre Mariano Gomez

                           Ildefonso Santos

                            Isabelo Sobrevega

                          Marcelo H. Del pilar

                          Lope k. Santos                           

PhilippinesArtist and Showbiz

Talambay ni Sarah Geronimo

– Santiago Pepito

Talambuhay ni  Manny Pacquiao

–  Efren Bata Reyes

Talambuhay ni  Charice Pempengco

  Karl Marx

Talambuhay ni Roberto Ong

                          Rafael Palma

Talambuhay ni Pedro Palma

Talambuhay ni Lucio Tan

Talambuhay ni Lambierto Gabriel

                         Lualhati Bautisa

                         Lamberto Gabriel

Talumbuhay ng mga –

Talamubuhay ng mga Bayani sa Pilipinas – Biography of Philippine Heroes

               –             Manunulat sa Pilipinas – Biography of Writers in the Philippines

                –             Pangulo sa Pilipinas – Biography of Philippine Presidents

                 –            Gomburza 

                  –           Isang istudyante

                   –          Ama ng pabula

                    –         Isang manunulat

                     –        Mga manunulat

                              Mga manunulat na Pilipino


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