Checkered Vinyl Tape – A General Review

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Whichever way you slice it, checkered vinyl tape has an undeniable coolness factor that is simply not enjoyed by marking tape that comes in a plain, solid color.  Where the regular variety of marking tape is about as exciting as a family compact car, checkered vinyl tape dazzles and entices nearly as much as a brand new sports vehicle parked on the curb, brimming with the promise of a swift, smooth ride.  The interesting contrast of colors in the alternating pattern on checkered vinyl tape just grabs the eye immediately, drawing your gaze into it even if you merely cast it a passing glance.  Consequently, this type of marking device works equally well as a standard floor marker, a marker for temporary or seasonal functions, and as an indicator of some urgent information pertaining to specific objects.

The clear advantage that checkered vinyl tape possesses is, of course, its superior ability to capture attention.  If you want to convey the general message to someone, or a group of people, that a certain location is worth being more aware about, then you cannot go wrong with the utilization of this form of floor tape.  It does not immediately matter what the nature of the extra caution is, as long as it is sufficiently communicated to the people who need to know.  Policemen and firefighters routinely use strips of checkered tape to mark off areas that ought to be restricted or require additional precaution, so it makes sense to utilize that same general strategy in the context of an industrial facility.

Checkered tape can also be utilized on a temporary or seasonal basis, for when you want to mark off a section in a certain way for a limited period only.  It would be a significant hassle for you to have to tear up your existing floor tape and switch it out with another color just so that your workers don’t get confused.  Instead, you can just use the checkered vinyl tape and lay it beside the regular tape.  This way, once the period of special usage is over, you can simply peel away the checkered tape, leaving your standard markings behind. 

Also, if need be, you can use this type of tape to mark machines and containers that require special attention.  Just cut a strip of tape away and plaster it onto the surface of the object you want to mark.

The thing about vinyl, however, is that it isn’t the sturdiest of materials on its own, and is very likely to rip and tear after being subjected to any but the lightest pressure or exertion.  If you pick up some checkered tape that has no additional features other than being made of vinyl, you should be prepared for some massive disappointment.  It would be better for you to find the grades of checkered vinyl tape that are reinforced, or specially manufactured to resist skidding, dragging and damage.  One such brand of floor tape, Superior Mark, does come in checkered designs, and may be a bit more expensive, but could end up saving you money in the long run if durability is one of your primary concerns.


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