15 Ways to Make Money With Avertisement Text!

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1.    In your advertisement give a free sample or a free trial of your product before a sale.

2.    Offer a discount for the item you propose to sell.

3.    Mention your regular price and then offer a discounted price off the order.

4.    Declare a free bonus in your advertisement to increase the product’s worth.

5.    Include one or two of your customers’ testimonials that are believable and includes specific results.

6.    Give a guarantee for your product in your advertisement.

7.    A lifetime or triple their money back as guarantee will be a more welcome gesture.

8.    Tell your customers about your limited time offer and that they need to order by a specific date.

9.    A short review of your advertisement is a good idea.

10.                       Repeat all the major benefits and features your customers will receive.

11.                       Put a question in your advertisement for which the customer’s answer should always be yes!

12.                       A persuasive question will make them say yes when you ask them to order.

13.                       Tell the benefits they will get if they buy your product.

14.                       In your ad use a problem that they will be able to solve with your product.

15.                         End your ad with the most powerful benefit of the product as the example.


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