Understanding The Power And The Person of The Holy Spirit: How to Receive And Manifest The Power of The Holy Ghost

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The holy spirit is the principal custodian of the power of God.( acts 1:8).while we understand the word of God is also a carrier of the power of God, the holy spirit is the one that empowers us to access into the world ( john 16:12-13)

This means that the power of God is domiciled in the person in the Holy Spirit. (Luke 4:14).therefore, every encounter with the Holy Spirit is an encounter with the power of God.


  • The Holy Spirit is not an experience, a feeling, a wind or a dove. He is the third person of the Godhead. I john 5:7, john 1:1-3

  • He is the very spirit of God.

  • He is the power of God- acts1:8, Luke 24:49

  • He is the comforter john 16:7, 15:26&27, Isaiah 59:19

  • He is our helper Isaiah 10:27, Romans 8:26-27, I Corinthians 14:2, 14-15

  • He is the Judge john 16:11, Acts 13:8-11

  • He is our Guide john 16:13, Romans 8:14

  • He is our illuminator-I Corinthians 2:10; 12, John 14:26

  • He is our healer-Romans 8:11


And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesized (Acts 19:6, 8:17). This is the act of receiving the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as a believer (Acts 19:2)

  • Be born again john3:7,acts2:38

  • Be desirous, have a thirst for it jn7:37-39

  • Ask in prayer for the baptism-Luke 11:13

  • Believe that it is your right to be baptized. Acts 16:17

  • Begin to speak in new tongues as the spirit gives you utterance acts 2:14

  • And should the need arise; seek opportunity for the laying of hands for the baptism in the Holy Ghost. Acts 19:16

The blessing of speaking with new tongues

  • It is biblical evidence of being filed with the holy spirit.acts2;4, 10:24

  • It empowers your prayer life Romans 8:26

  • It is your confidential line of communicating wth God. I cor 14:2, 14&15, 18

The GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (I cor 12: 4-10)

The gifts of the spirit can be divided into three major areas and these are:

  • Revelational Gifts: words of wisdom, word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits

  • Inspirational gifts: prophesy, tongues and interpretation of tongues

  • Power Gifts: faith, healing and working of miracles

The purpose of this gift is to empower us to live a profitable life ( I Cor. 12:17)

However, the bible admonishes us to covet earnestly whatever gift(s) we consider most needed by each of us ( I cor 12:31) and this we do by intense supplication and intercession ( duet 32: 24-28)

The three dimensional- empowerment(Isaiah 11:1-2)

 The three areas of needed empowerment include: The spirit, soul and body. I thess 5:23

The seven spirit of the lord as enumerated in Isaiah 11:1-2 include:

 The spirit of the Lord, which is also called the anointing (Luke 4:14&18) or the spirit of people ( ii Tim 1:6-7), the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, counsel,understanding,might and the spirit of the fear of the Lord which is also called the spirit of holiness ( Romans 1:4)

 While the spirit of a man is empowered by both the anointing of the Holy Spirit which empowers him to command signs and wonders and the spirit of holiness which keeps the spirit man alive, “because the soul that sinneth it shall die”

 The soul of man is empowered by four of the seven spirits: the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding.

The body is empowered by the spirit of might ( Jn 4:6, 31-33,judge 13:24-25,14:6)

 We must seek to experience this true divine empowerment in order to fulfill our mission on earthy in a grand style. True empowerment is the key to all accomplishment.


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