Dabur Amla Hair Oil

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I have been using Dabur Amla Hair oil from a very tender age and I think there is no other Amla hair oil as good as Dabur Amla Hair oil, smells good and is non sticky as well. Amla is rich in vitamin C which helps in preventing hair loss and keeps the hair shiny as well, so majority of Indian homes use amla hair oil and Dabur Amla Hair oil is the first hair oil that comes in mind when we talk about amla products.

Every member in our family uses Dabur Amla Hair oil and so we need a ready stock of the hair oil, the best think about Dabur Amla Hair oil is that it doesn’t have any kind of smell and isn’t sticky on the hair. Most other hair oil smells and is sticky on the hair so I just hate using any other product, I would rather not apply any kind of oil rather then using something other then Dabur Amla Hair oil.

Right now I am suffering from hair loss problem because I stopped using hair oil for 2-3 years in between and after that switched over to using Gatsby Gel instead of Dabur Amla Hair oil and that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Right now I feel that I never should have stopped using Dabur Amla Hair oil and used those fancy gels which do make you look good for some time but cause permanent damage to your hairs.

I would advice all youngsters not to use Gatsby gel or anything besides hair oil on your hair, take heed of my advice before it is too late.


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