Looking Your Best AT Parties

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Between shopping for the family, food preparation, and taking care of your children and husband, you hardly find time to look after yourself and rest. Then what to do to look your best? The trick lies in preparation of a special beauty plan that can be conducted upon need.

Face Radiance: The facial skin is highly affected by pollutions. A thorough facial cleaning process in order to remove dirt debris and dead skin cells leads to a radiant beautiful facial skin. Start by cleaning your face, then use patches to rid off black spots, afterwards move to a moisturising mask which will leave your face subtle.

Leg Softness: Take an appointment for legs’ hair nourishing solution to soften cuticles, moisten nails and give hands a silk like touch.

Take time to prepare yourself for a party or event; follow these tips:

* Go to the hairdresses during the afternoon
* Massage your face with a non-shiny moisturizer

* use an eye concealer (anticerne) to hide black shadows

* use a foundation that approximately your skin color; do not forget the neck. * * * apply compact powder to seal of any faults
* Apply your make-up as desired

* Always keep the compact powder, lipstick and nail polish in your handbag to correct any faults.
* Now you can apply nail polish to your finger nails… and simply look your best!!


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