Disabled Children in Public Schools – How The Schools Are Making Things Worse Emotionally!

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Public schools are meant to protect are children. To teach them, to guide them, and above all be a place where are children can go to learn and grow. This is not always the case. In almost every school around the world there is some form of abuse going on. Whether this abuse is verbally or physically. Worse is for those children that require a little bit more attention.

I speak from the heart when I say this because I have a child that requires a little bit more attention and know how awful you feel when you feel as if you have failed them. I thought getting my child our a special needs school would be good for him. He suffered a lot of abuse while attended a school meant for disabled kids and regressed really bad. After almost six years in public school I am now asking myself if this was the right decision of if I should have done home school.

I am one of the luckier parents. I have seen many children that require from more care than a minor mental disabled as my son has and I would like to say that all children are treated equally and fairly but this is not the case. Because he is ‘different’, and I say that loosely, he is shunned at school. The other kids want nothing to do with him. The one friend he thinks he has parents do now want him around.

To hear this you would think there was something seriously wrong with him. That he was diseased infested or worse but the truth is my son has a speech delay and comprehension problems, which is mild compared to some other atypical autistic children. Yet each day he comes home and ask if he can go over to someone’s house or waits for someone to call him to see if he can play. Each day I see that same disappointment on his face.

I know you can not force kids to be friends but I am beginning to think it is wrong to leave a child sitting on the sidewalk at school because no one will play with him or her. This is the case with my own child. He has developed the habit of taking a book to school with him because he has no one to play with at recess.

It is not just my son. It is many children around the world that are being forced to the sidelines because they are different. Whether it is because they are disabled or they are generally unique in personalities but no matter who it is there has to be a point in life when the schools say ‘no more – that no child shell be left out’.

The parents of children, the children, the school, all of them do not understand the emotional effect this has on children with disabilities. Society has fought very hard to protect disabled children in the school districts and because of my own child’s disability I know most of those laws however that does not change the fact that this little boy, like so many others, are forced to sit by themselves at the lunch table or play with themselves at recess because they are different. I for one feel very strongly that it is time it comes to an end and school enforce a no tolerance law that stops forcing any child to stand alone.


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