Ten Easy Tips For Search Engine Optimization

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Before you read these tips, please note that this article is NOT meant to go into detail, but just to give you some quick tips on how to Search Engine Optimize quickly and effectively.

  1. Keywords in title. This tip is straightforward enough. Make sure you include keywords in your title that people who are looking for content such as yours would enter into sites such as Google or Yahoo’s search engine. Imagine you were searching for the type of content in your article. What words would you use to search? Answer that question, and then include those words in your title somehow.
  2. Keywords in URL. Make sure you use as many keywords in your URL as possible without making the URL ridiculously long.
  3. Lots of keywords in document/body. Be sure you use as many keywords as many times as you can in the main body of your website/blog/article.
  4. Keywords in headings. Use your keywords in as many headings as you can.
  5. Keywords near the beginning. Having keywords near the beginning of your ‘document’ makes a slightly bigger difference than in other places. Try to populate the opening of your content with keywords.
  6. Keyword distance. Put your keywords as close together as you can. For example, using two keywords in two completely different parts of your content is not as good as fitting them into the same sentence. The closer they are, the better Search Engine Optimization you have.
  7. Keyword phrases. Similar to tip 6, keyword phrases should be used whenever possible. Pretty much, put two or more keywords right next to each other whenever possible.
  8. Secondary keywords. Optimize for secondary keywords and not just major ones. For example, if ‘computer’ is a keyword, go ahead and throw in ‘hardware’ and ‘software’.
  9. Synonyms. This tip is very important. You can never be sure what words people will search for your content by, so you need to optimize for all synonyms of the keywords you can think of, i.e. ‘computer’ and ‘CPU’.
  10. Backlinks. Promote your articles when you can and link to them. The more places you post the link to your content, the more times it is registered in search engines and the more “popular” it is seen as. This will make your website/blog/article rank higher in search results such as Google and Yahoo.

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