Fire Safety Tips For The Family

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House fires can be very scary and dangerous. You can lose your personal belongings, or even worse, loved ones. A fire can be both inevitable and avoided, as you never know what can happen. So in the event of a fire, you should be sure that you and your family all know what to do. If the household does not know what to do or how to handle the situation, someone may end up hurt or worse.

It is very important everyone learns various fire safety tips for the family. This way, everyone will be more prepared and know what to do if a fire does break out.

So here are some fire safety tips for the family that everyone should learn and remember.

Check Your House For Fire Hazards.
Check the house for anything that can be considered a fire hazard. Be sure that there are not too many cords plugged into an outlet. Make sure you do not have any electronics near water, or papers near an outlet. If you find anything that can cause a fire at all, nip it in the bud now and take care of it!

Learn How To Handle The Fire.
There are different types of fires, such as grease fire and electrical fire. If one occurs, learn how to properly put it out and call the fire department. If you are unsure or if it is too much for you to put out, get everyone out of the house and call the fire department.

Stop, Drop, and Roll!
If anything happens that causes any part of your clothing to catch on fire, then remember these three words: stop, drop, and roll! This will help to put out the fire that is on your clothing. Immediately stop what you are doing, drop to the ground, and begin rolling back and forth.

Make Sure You Have What You Need and It Is Working.
Make sure you have a working smoke detectors and fire extinguisher. Check to make sure the smoke detectors has fresh batteries, and make sure you know how to properly use the fire extinguisher.

Teach The Children To Dial 911.
Teach the children in your house how to call 911. They need to learn this in the case of a fire or any other emergency. Of course when there is a fire, the first thing everyone in the house should do is get out. But this is still an important tip and children should know how to call 911 incase there is any kind of emergency, including a fire.

Plan An Escape Route.
Just like any of the other fire safety tips for the family, this tip is very important. Have an escape route planned out in advance, incase a fire does break out. If it is possible, plan out more than one escape route. You can even draw out simple maps and post them around the house, so that way everyone knows the escape routes. Teach your family these routes, and make sure they all know and remember them. This way, everyone will be prepared incase they ever need to use one of these routes.

Have A Practice Fire Drill.
Have a practice fire drill for with your family. Plan it once so everyone knows what to do, and then try it again when everyone least expects it. Bring a stopwatch and time how long it takes for everyone to get out of the house. Discuss the time it took, if there should be improvements, and what to improve. It never hurts to practice more, because practice does make perfect. You want to be prepared in the case of a fire.

If A Fire Occurs – Get Out and Stay Out!
If there is a fire, or even if you smell a little smoke, get everyone out of the house and stay out! Do not run back in for any favorite movies, clothing, electronic, or any other items. As much as it hurts to lose these things, it will hurt a lot more to lose someone you love, and for them to lose you. Remember, the difference between you and these items are these items can be replaced.

If you are in need of more fire safety tips for the family, or if you have any questions, you can always ask around, check the internet, or ask to speak to a fire fighter. It never hurts to ask and be sure you are fully prepared in the even of a fire. But you need to remember all of these safety tips and pass them on to your family. Check the house, practice drills, and know what to do. It may seem like a lot, but remember, it is always better for you and your loved ones to be safe than sorry.
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