Your Bukisa Articles in Google Search – How Long Does it Take?

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If you write something in your blog, in your website or in article writing sites like Bukisa, it is of no use if no one can find it using Google search. Google is the favorite homepage for millions of people and it is what people use to find what they need.

Also, traffic from Google search will last longer than any other form of traffic. You can’t depend on Twitter and Facebook forever for making your articles visible on the World Wide Web. Traffic through referral links involves some work that has to be done after you write your articles. But you can just write the article and do nothing and see the traffic coming from Google search automatically.

But how long does it take for a Bukisa article to be indexed in Google? Only few hours after the article is published! It is not a few days or a week, even though a lot of people believe so! 99% of the time, if I get my article reviewed and published in the morning then I can see that the page is indexed in Google in the afternoon.

I would like to give an experiment for the people who don’t agree with me. Once an article is reviewed and published, wait five hours. Then pick a long sentence from your article, copy it, put the sentence inside the double quotes and enter it in Google search.

So the question that you probably have now is, “If Google indexes Bukisa article so quickly, then why am I not receiving any traffic from Google search?”

Let us say you right an article with the title “Earn money online”..

If you type ‘earn money online’ in Google, it comes up with 32,400,000 results. And remember, even though your article is indexed, you don’t know in which position your article ends up in these 32,400,000 results. But your article is one in those 32,400,000 results, for sure!

So the key here is to use a keyword tool like Google Adwords keyword tool, pick up a keyword phrase  that gets below 40,000 searches in a month and use that keyword phrase in your article’s title as well as in your entire article. Sometimes you have to pick up a keyword phrase which gets as low as 1000 searches per month. You have to decide it by looking at the quality of other web pages competing for the same keyword phrase.

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