Place Value Webquest

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Place Value Webquest

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In this activity you’ll learn interesting facts about insects while you practice place value!

Go to the link provided:   Read the information at

to find answers to the questions below.

  1. Write the number of insects in the beetle family in words.

2 How many thousands of species are there in the beetle family?  Write you answer in standard form.


  1. What is the weight of the heaviest insect in the world (found in New Zeland).  Write the number in standard form.

2.  How many hundreds of square centimeters does the wingspan of the largest insect over?  Write your answer in standard form.


  1. Write the size of the three smallest insects in order from least to greatest.


1. How much does one locust weigh?  (word form)


  1. An ant colony found in Japan has nests that are connected.  How many thousands of nests are connected in this colony?  (standard form)

How many queens are in the colony?  (expanded form)

How many workers are in the colony? (word form)

  1. Find three more interesting facts that include numbers on this site or the other link provided.  Fill in the chart below.

Write the fact

Standard form

Expanded form

Word form

9.  Write a few COMPLETE SENTENCES describing something you learned about insects today.


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