10 Things to do when you are bored.

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10 Things to do when you are bored.

I imagine everyone gets bored sometimes, I know for sure I do. Sometimes I want to look for something to do to occupy myself, other times I just want something to take my mind off life in general. Whatever your reason I hope to present you with a multitude of options, many of which you should be able to start straight away, and if all else fails I aim to entertain you with my suggestions.

10)Right let’s get the obvious out the way. You know you have needed to tidy the kitchen for weeks or nail up a shelf. Now you can get those tedious jobs out the way. Yes I am lying next to a mouldy plate as I write this, but I’m a student, it’s acceptable for us.

Right not what you wanted to hear so far. Well do not fear, continue on there are nine more to come.

9) Learn aMartial Art/Juggling/Something Active and Physical. Ok you would think you would need a club for this, normally yes, but there is a quick alternative. Stick on your favourite song then type your desired exercise into YouTube, jump around, expend some excess energy, (you may find even if it doesn’t seem like you have any that you will enjoy this and tap hidden depths. Exercise is a great way to relax and in your own room you can do it how you like).

Just one rule; Close this page before you start. If you choose this option you will not need to read on. That way when the paramedics are called out because you wrapped your leg around your head no one will link it to me. J

8)Read a book, or watch a film. I’ll say this for the sake of completeness, but I should imagine you’ve already considered this. However if your next to a library/tv/internet (eBooks and Streaming can be legal as well e.g. 4oD here in England) here are a quick suggestion of films and books to read from my personal library.

Books; Dune (Science fiction started here, most males will not be disappointed)

The Lord of the Rings (no explanation needed)

The Game (more on this later)

Sharpe (good fun)


Films; Face off

Gone in 60 seconds

The Weather Man (Such a fantastic film simply because the fact you can’t stop watching it when it’s utterly boring, if that makes any sense at all)

StarWars (keep you going for a while if you watch all of them)

Iron man (and the rest of the comic books genre)

The Sixth Sense


There’s a couple of suggestions to start your thoughts off. Google “top ten films/books” for more inspiration.

7)Buy a pet. If you have some spare money in your wallet and don’t mind the long term commitment head down to the pet shop and invest in a cute fuzzy friend. I did this. I got four hamsters the pet shop labelled as social. They were entertaining until one but the other one’s toe off. One quick trip to the vet later and all sorted for a happily ending. (I hope)

6) …….. This can require either one or two participants. Any other person is acceptable, but those under the age of 18 while I’m sure they provide a cure for boredom, they probably won’t be as fun and not recommended in any way due to the legal and moral issues. Females are good (although you may not believe I’m talking from experience after reading my book suggestions) but I’m told males work just as well, either that or just go it solo.

Web browsers are a good help here.

Oh and yes girls this is an option.

5) Go and bake a cake from a recipe online. This good fun and you can do any food if you don’t mind spending a bit of cash.

When I said bake a cake it started out life as a loaf of bread, but that is a tale for another day.

4) Goto the pub.* Especially good for students since we can knock on our roommate’s door to drag them out and keep us company. This leads on to socialising. Call up or email etc.. Everyone you know and do the same for the people you don’t know but you have their number. Invite them either round or out. Start this social event someone has to honestly they will thank you. How else is your timid friend going to play out her fantasies with the plumber?

*Note of caution; If you are a student this leads to drinking too much and upsetting the locals. Injuries may be experienced.

*Note of caution 2; If you are underage this leads to getting chucked out of the pub and being sick on your parents before they ground you for life.

*Note of caution 3; Alcohol is not a substitute for real life, there is University/College for that. (And no Warcraft does not count either)

3)Post your life story on a forum and see if anyone wants to be your friend. This can be surprisingly successful, and since you have read this far, you are either highly entertained because of my fantastically constructed prose, or you no longer care about what is socially acceptable.

2)Read about Social Dynamics. Yes I said I wouldn’t suggest reading any more but this is a window into the way of life of a pickup artist (Googleing pua is also an option). It’s great stuff and since we already decided you no longer care what society thinks of you, you’ll be a master in no time.

1)Write a book/poem/anything. You have a computer in front of you, type away at the keyboard and see what comes out.* If a list of 10 things to do when you’re bored pops out stick it on a website and see if anyone else reads it. Not that I did this of course.

*The only time I wish to be included in the possibly disastrous outcome of you trying out my list, is if you happen to write the next big best seller. In this case any references, quotes, donations are a necessity since I have been your devoted muse.

If you have come this far you just completed the bonus suggestion. No prizes for guessing it.


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