Stephen Fowler- American? Let’s Unite and Choose To Be Different

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I understand TV Reality shows are edited with the intent to entice more views. But what brought on the downfall of Stephen Fowler? Elitist attitude? It really doesn’t matter what it was. What matters is that we do as Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young advocate in the song,”Teach Your Children Well”. Teach our children manners, courtesy, social compassion, embracing diversity among men by your example. You are the Reality TV of their lives. They are editing you and will judge you just as harshly. You enhance your family relationship by teaching.


 The Iraq war. My intent is not to agree or disagree with it. I want us to stop for a moment and think of these soldiers as ‘someone’s’ child. Most wars have divided nations, and families. Let’s put aside that for a moment, and purchase cell phone cards for soldiers to phone their families here in the United States. Do you fly often? Donate frequent flyer miles to soldiers stuck in deployment areas around the world. Support Fisher House, which provides housing near Department of Defence hospitals for veterans and soldiers families. Those who been able to earn their Masters, Doctorate or Bachelors’ degrees need to share our education with others who aren’t afforded the opportunity. This is how we differ from Stephen Fowler, we will not have an elitist idea of ourselves, belittling and stereotyping those around us. Our health, wealth, intelligence are all a gift. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. What is going to be written on your epitaph? What kind of reputation will you leave behind? Let’s store our treasures and in Heaven where nothing will destroy them.   Remember who is editing your life? Who is watching from you and learning?

Only one life here on earth. It’s the afterlife that matters.


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