How To Still Have Internet Service on a Budget

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If being online is something you want to do but your budget does not allow for that to happen you might want to consider using dial up. I know it is slow but I myself dealt with it for over a year when I first got my computer. I would say if you still want to have internet and you cannot pay over 15.00 try a isp provider called People PC. I used that service and it was okay at least I had internet service and I was still able to write article and so forth. If you want to watch videos and all that dial up is not a great option to have but if you are gonna pay a few bills and check email People PC is a great option.

I decided to write this article because I know we are all trying to find ways to cut costs with the ecomony being so bad off. There are many ways to reduce costs and sometimes we have to cut into the internet budget. At least you can still be online you just will not be able to surf as fast. People Pc is not the only option I am sure there are other isp’s but this is the one I am most familiar with. I could pay month by month and if one month I could not pay I could turn the service off and then turn it back on no charge. Most isp providers will not allow that either. Dial up is better than no service at all I feel.

I appericate anyone who takes the time to read my articles. I try to write to help others as well as myself. To me it is a win win situation. If you feel you liked my article rate me or feel free to leave comments as well.


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