How to Retire Early By Looking for 10 cents

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Have you ever wondered what will it take for you to quit your day job? have you conside early retirement? I did and I keep wondering every day until I realized that it only takes 1500 x 10 cents everyday and I can retire early. Now are you guys doing the math? 1500 x 10 cents everyday is more than what the average people earn everyday. 1500 10 cents is probably a challenge to look for but it’s not impossible. It can actually be fun and you will be surprised where we can find it.

So come join me and let’s do some treasure hunting!! Let’s collect some dimes for your retirement income 🙂

Lets begin by finding all the dimes you already have. You can probably find some coins on your purse, drawers and look around your house. Those coins scattered on your house might be the answer to early retirement.

Saving enough money is important for early retirement. To make our early retirement possible let’s just say we saved at least $10,000. This is not going to be a spending money but will be allocated for emergency money. Invest it to a savings account that earns 3% and it will generate $0.82 every day. I can probably find a better bank that offer bigger interest. Currently I used ING online banking. So that is minus 8 to 1500 dimes we are looking for. We already have 8 dimes for our retirement income.

Writing at ehow is a good source for 10 cents. Write 100 quality articles for eHow. If those 100 articles make 10 cents every day, I will have 100 dimes for my retirement income. Some writers can earn more than that. I can also be aggressive enough and create 1500 articles. If I can accomplish this, ehow alone is good enough to let me retire early. But I don’t want to just depend at ehow for my retirement income. That is not going to be a very wise move. So, let’s look for more dimes.

Writing at is also a good source for 10 cents. If I have 100 articles published and my articles make 10 cents every day that will be another 100 dimes on my bank. Or I can try to find 1000 unique visitors everyday to look at my articles and earn the bukisa index. Currently it is $3.65.I can also invite friends to write articles like me and hope that they generate good income. At Bukisa.Com you get a percentage to what your friend will earned if you refer a friend. I will give bukisa x2 because of more potential ways to earn. You can also republish the articles you already have at ehow to Bukisa, but be careful and try to think of the bigger picture. Your articles will compete to each other and may have other effect to your income. I don’t prefer to do it this way. I want to keep my articles separate. The how to do things for ehow and the creative writings for Bukisa. There are other writing websites like associated content, hubpages that you can also check out to make money and use for your retirement income.

Adsense on my blog is also a good way to find more dimes. The minimum payout every month is $100. So I need to earn at least $3.33 every day. Lets round it up to 4 dollars a day to get 40 dimes for your daily retirement income.

For some of you who are still drinking soda you only need to collect 2000 cans every day and you can accomplish your early retirement plan. I don’t drink soda anymore as part of my savings plan so I get 0 point for this. Although I can find some cans somewhere and maybe earn something from it. No wonder a lot of people are collecting cans now a days. This can be a good source of retirement income.

Making money at eBay is also one thing I will look into. I haven’t tried doing this before so I get no points for this. $150 is probably not that hard to earn at eBay. You probably have lots of things in your cabinet that you can sell. Your trash might be the key to your early retirement plan. You can also use afiliate internet program like $150 is probably not that hard to earn at Imagine if you earn 10cents for every item you can sell, you just need to sell 1500 items everyday and you are good to retire. Or let’s say Amazon is generous enough that you earn 25 cents for each transaction. You only need to sell 600 items everyday to fund your retirement income. If selling 600 items is hard, no need to despair there are other ways to earn 10 cents. We can also think of selling 1500 items where we earned 10 cents.

Renting a spare room is also an option. But this is a last resort because my family is not  willing to do this. For some people it may actually work. That will be a lot of 10 cents to gain for your retirement income.

 One way to earn 10 cents is to ask 10 cents for people you know. Not advisable as you don’t want to bother anyone for your own good. I listed it here just in case you are short for the day. Make me realize now that it can be a reason why there are so many beggars out there.

I’m pretty sure there are more ideas how to look for dimes. If you guys know something post it here. You never know how many people you can help by a single advice you give.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you noticed, some of the ways I suggested to find some dimes still required some work like selling or writing. Retirement for me means leaving the daily job I have so I can be anywhere I want to be.
  • Please come back again. I will update this article as I figure out more ways how to collect dimes.
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  • This article is just something to think about. I am not advising anyone that early retirement is good. There are so many things to consider before you even decide to do early retirement. Early retirement has pros and cons. Make sure you weigh the benefits and consequence before opting to retire early.
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