St. Valentine`s Day- a special day for many people in the world

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This special day, the Saint Valentine`s Day, is celebrated on the 14th of February for many centuries in different parts of the world- in the USA, Australia, Bangladesh , Canada, Europe, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, south African countries and others. Why this Day connects so many different countries with different cultures and traditions, with different social status, religion, etc. Probably it is so, because everybody on Earth wants to love and to beloved by someone.

On this Day people express their romantic feelings and deepest love in a different way: by giving presents-sweet hearts, boxes of chocolates and flowers, sending greetings in a way they wish, but probably the most usual way is to send a card with the symbol of love-the great red heart. The Greeting Card Association claims that St. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sending holiday (after Christmas) during the year. Another world famous symbol that is usually send to women is the bunch of red roses or better to say a red rose which means lots of things for the man who sends it and for the woman who gets it. Please, do not forget the St. Valentine`s Cake which should be made in the shape of a heart.There is nothing better than to spend this unique day with your loved ones no matter where you will be-in the mountain hut, near sea or lake, in a restaurant, at the party or at home. The most important thing is to be with her or him and to tell these simple words:”I love you!”


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