Decorating Feng Shui Love, Marriage, And Romance Area

South-west of a house or a room is Feng Shui love and marriage area. This Feng Shui zone is responsible for luck in love. It also takes care about the productivity and success of all your relations, whether romantic or professional. In addition, Feng Shui love and romance area can attract marriage, or improve the existing one.
Feng Shui love and romance area should be paid much attention to in order to efficiently and productively fulfill its responsibilities. It should be well-lit, clean, and free of clutter, first of all.

  • The best colors for this area are pink, yellow, and brown.

  • The best charms to enhance the power of Feng Shui love and marriage area are paired objects. It can be a pair of hearts made of a rose gemstone, two pillows, two candles, a pair of birds, or a picture of a couple or of some paired objects.

  • Since Feng Shui marriage area is ruled by the Earth element of Feng Shui, charms made of stone, or those including gemstones, are a very good option for the south-west.

The small details listed above are sure to attract love and romance into your life. However, be patient. Miracles don’t happen overnight. After you re-decorate your Feng Shui love and romance area, wait and be patient. You will notice the positive changes only after some time passes.

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