5 Other Ways to Use Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes have become a staple in our household for many reasons other than cleaning the baby’s bottom.

Baby wipes make an excellent dust cloth. They pick up the bits of dust and debris while leaving a nice shiny polished look on the wood furniture. Its like polishing your wood at the same time. A great boon for the busy mom. Since this can be a rather mindless task it can be done while talking on the phone or while pacing the floor with a fussy baby if need be. Another chore accomplished and another great use for baby wipes.

Clean your venetian blinds. This is my favorite no mess clean the blinds method. Lets face it, the venetian blinds can get so dirty so fast and they are a total pain to clean. If you have the time and enegy you can completely remove them and scrub them, but why go to all that bother when all you have to do is turn them upwards and starting at the top wipe them from the tops down and then turn them the other direction and repeat starting at the top working down. No dripping mess, no having to take them down and remove them and no fuss. A must have for any home that has any venetian blinds.

Clean sticky fingers when the little ones are doing crafts. Wipe off the excess glue or marker and simply toss them away. While you are at it, if you are using rubber stamps these work great to clean your stamps (and any ink you may get on your fingers). Simply “blot” the stamp on the baby wipe after you are done using it or if you wish to change ink colors. Works beautifully.

Keep some in the car.  Handy to wipe gas off of your fingers after gassing up the car. Great when you are traveling and eating in the car and handy to have to wipe down dusty dashboards or door frames.

Give yourself a facial. Simply remove makeup and gently caress skin with a fresh baby wipe to smooth those wrinkles in a hurry. Works great for camping too. Easy clean up if you aren’t where there are showers.

There you have it, 5 more ways (and a few extra) to use those baby wipes in and around your home and car.


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