American Idol Season 8 Bikini Babe Cat Fight

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American Idol Season 8 got off to a big start Tuesday night with a bikini babe cat fight. I am a huge American Idol fan and have watched the reality show a great deal.  Thinking hard, I can’t remember a contestant coming to the auditions in their bikini. It might have happened though! You better bet that the bikini babe of American Idol sure got the attention of Simon and Randy this year on American Idol. The bikini babe also got the attention of Paula and American Idol’s new judge, Kara DioGuardi. You could say that a bikini babe cat fight broke out on the show!

This year in season 8 of American Idol, a new judge was introduced to the panel. Her name is Kara DioGuardi. It’s no longer just Paula and the guys on American Idol.

American Idol Season 8 started the auditions in Phoenix, Arizona.  Thing were hot not only outside but inside the American Idol auditions. One lovely young lady decided to wear her bikini and high heels to audition for American Idol. Kara DioGuardi gave the bikini babe a display of how the audition song should’ve been sung. However, the bikini babe stood her ground in her high heels and threw a punch saying that Kara’s demonstration was lacking as well.

From home, I was waiting for the hair pulling and nail scratching to come out like on the Jerry Springer show. Paula jumped from her seat and went off on the bikini babe for insulting American Idol’s new judge. It was a sight to see! But in the end, the bikini babe held her ground and received a coveted gold ticket to Hollywood for American Idol’s next round. Kara DioGuardi told the bikini babe to come naked next round.


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