American Idol Season 8 Bikini Babe is TKO in Hollywood Week

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American Idol Season 8 got off to a rough start between Cara, Paula and the bikini babe. You could see the claws coming out! This was of course during the audition period. Well, despite the cat fight between the women, the hot bikini babe made it to Hollywood.

Round Two with American Idol Season 8 Won by Bikini Babe

During the first round of individuals, standing in lines, to make one more impression on the American Idol Season 8 judges, bikini babe did what I thought was average. But then again, I am female! Words were exchanged between the three women again but bikini babe for her second victory against the female American Idol Season 8 judges.

Bikini Babe Needs Her Beauty Sleep

In round three of Hollywood week for American Idol Season 8, the contestants form groups. The group that bikini babe joined named themselves The Divas. This should come as no surprise because bikini babe and the girls were of course hot to trot and true divas!

If you’re not familiar with Hollywood week of American Idol, the contestants form groups and work all through the night to impress the American Idol judges yet another time before being admitted to the show with another round of cuts being made in Hollywood after groups. It is a grueling and emotional night for everyone, including bikini babe.

Bikini babe leaves in the middle of rehearsal to go and sleep. That’s right! Bikini babe completely abandons The Divas and goes to bed.

Bikini Babe Absent for American Idol Season 8 Roll Call

The following morning, The Divas march into bikini babe’s hotel room. She is under the covers and sound asleep. Bikini babe declares she can’t take anymore. At roll call, bikini is nowhere to be found..except maybe asleep again under the covers.

Bikini Babe TKO in Third Round of American Idol Season 8 Hollywood Week Groups

Well, the lack of practice from bikini babe, who did finally make an appearance, showed on the stage when the group, The Divas, performed. All the judges were in agreement that it was time for bikini babe to pack her bags and head back to the pool. Bikini babe will not be on the show for American Idol Season 8 after a grueling and sleepy time for Hollywood Week.


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