How to Strengthen your Quadriceps (thigh muscles)

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Start off hydrated and well-fed with a protein bar for energy and nutrition, and a glass of water to keep your body well hydrated.  Sports drinks often provide too many calories, and you can replace the sodium you lost from sweating with the sodium in the granola bar.

Begin by stretching out your entire body. Other Bukisa articles can help you do this. Be sure to stretch slowly until you feel tension in your muscles, not pain.  Once you feel relaxed and stretched, you can begin your workout.

While standing, with feet shoulder width apart and arms up by your ears, jump straight up. Look forward while doing it, and keep your entire body straight, don’t lean forward!
Immediately after you land, bend your knees until you are tucked into a ball standing on your feet with your arms still up.
Slowly and gently, roll backward onto your curved back, lifting your legs straight up into the air, and raising your rear end if you can. Once in this L position on your back, begin to roll back into the tucked position. When you get there, jump straight up again and repeat the whole process.  Try to always keep moving.  This will both keep your heart rate up and not allow your muscles to rest much between repetitions.  It is very important to begin slowly, and gradually work your way up.  If you cannot do 15 reps on your first try, just do as many as you can and try to add one more each day until you reach your goal.  With about 10 or 15 of these a day, you will see results.


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