Lost Season 5, Episode 5, This Place is Death 7 Funniest Moments

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This Place is Death, the latest episode of Season 5 of Lost afforded its share of comedic relief, thanks in no small part to a story line that was heavy on getting Jin’s character up to speed on the time jump phenomena of the island.

Beach Scene

When the French survivor Nadine goes missing and the Sawyer of the group goes: “This is what happens when you bring women. She is probably off chasing a butterfly.” It was just a non sequitor for I guy who has been shipwrecked on an island for, like, twenty minutes and such a shot in the dark for a French idiom, that I got a chuckle out of it.

A few scene later, after the island monster catches the French Sawyer exclaims to his friends regarding his missing limb, the caption reads It’s gone…please help. Direct translation is always good for a cheap laugh or two.

The rotted bones at Jin’s feet after his first conscious time leap, especially the look on his face when he sees them. Off the humor bent, Jin is a great character on the show, and it was cool to see him on his own this episode.

“Turn around slowly.”

The writers are asking for a lot of creative license so far this season, but it’s worth it for silly little scenes like this one. After running from one menace after another, he time leaps to meet up with Sawyer at the end of the first act.

Oh, no…

While they’re walking to The Orchid, Faraday asks Charlotte whether she speaks any other languages he should no about, to which she replies “Yes, Klingon.” The set up might have been better than the punch line on this one. Although I don’t think these two have much on screen chemistry together, it’s an interesting angle and we’ll see how it all shakes out, I guess.

“Oh, no…” from a sunken eyed Charlotte as the lights in the sky suggest another temporal shift is a-comin’. The moment before a time jump is a great spot for a one line, as any Quantum Leap aficionado could tell you. Her delivery of the line was perfect!

Followed immediately by another time leap, nice. I’d love to a fly on the wall when they take these scripts up to the suits…

Ben Plays Bus Driver

When Jack responds to Sun’s question regarding what to do if Ben is lying, and Ben slams on the brakes to give the two kids in the backseat a what for, I just about awoke the neighbors. Especially when it turned to be one of those after-all-I’ve-done-for-you rigmaroles.

John Back Down the Hatch

Another good time leap sight gag occurred when the leap left Locke buried in the dirt after bidding everyone adieu.

Some Phycisist’s Mother? I dunno…

When Jack’s father is telling Locke what he needs to do and that he needs to find a particular woman who will know the details on how to get back to the Island. Locke: “Who is she?” Pop: “Her name is Heloise Hawking.” Very subtle.

John Breaks a Leg…Again

After falling down the well. Seriously, has anybody kept a running tally?


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