L’oreal masque

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I bought this a while ago as my hair tends to get very frizzy and dry in the Autumn and Winter. I had been using the nutri gloss shampoo and conditioner,so this seemed like a logical choice.

I had absolutley fallen in love with the shampoo and conditioner as they had made my hair soft,shiny and much less frizzy hence the claim of “mirror shine,cashmere touch”.

The packaging.
Quite a cute little pink tub,very sturdy,so you can use it for other stuff when you have used up all of the conditioner!

The smell.
It smells similar to the conditioner,it’s very nice and I am told that it smells of cherries.

The consistency.
It’s substantial,it’s not runny,but it’s not gloopy,they’ve got it just right. You really feel like you are putting a nourishing masque on the hair,but it’s not heavy.

Does it work?
Yes it does! My hair felt softer and smoother than ever from the first use! It was really shiny and I could feel the difference.
It tamed my flyaway hairs and made my frizzy hair much more manageable.
I still use it twice a week in place of the normal nutri gloss conditioner.


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