Nivea creme

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I bought this for the first time about 8 years ago from my local discount shop. I suffer from dry skin on my hands and my cuticles have a tendency to crack.
The packaging.
A very subtle understated blue tub with a lid, it comes in various sizes,starting at 50ml and going up to 200ml. The tubs are good quality so you can use them to store stuff in afterwards!

The smell.
It doesn’t smell very strong at all, in fact I can barely smell anything at all. It’s a kind of synthetic smell, It’s not a bad smell though,it’s quite soft and pleasant.
The texture.
It’s very thick and quite heavy, but a little bit does seem to go quite a long way.

Does it work?
Yes it does, It made my hands feel instantly smoother and less dry and tight. It stopped my cuticles cracking and got rid of the dry patches on my elbows knees and ankles.
It does take a long while to absorb though and I found it left a greasy film on my skin.

It is a good thick moisturiser but I recommend using it overnight, the greasy film probably wouldn’t bother you so much then 


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