Sure roll on.

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I’ll confess it, I am a sweaty betty, I have tried dozens of deoderants, including the ones that you only have to apply every 3 days, but I found that a bit gross!

Sure have always been a well known brand of deoderants and anti perspirants,so after seeing loads of adverts on the TV for their roll on, I gave it a try.

The packaging.
They have also started making their roll ons upside down,(with the ball at the bottom) This is so that the deoderant glides across the skin more easily and also so that it doesn’t dry out as quickly.

The application.
It went on very smoothly,but straight after shaving it didn’t sting as it contained 0% alcohol. It did leave white marks,but it dodn’t claim that it wouldn’t so I can’t really complain about that.

Does it work?
Sort of,it did stop me from sweating quite as much,but the effects did not last nearly as long as they claimed they would. 


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