Garnier footcocoon

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I have always had terrible feet, the skin on them is rough and dry and my heels crack. I have used all kinds of lotions  from normal moisturisers  to intensive foot creams  that were desgned specifically for heels.
When I first put this on though, I knew it was going to work.
Straightaway the skin on my heels felt less tight and dry.
It glides on really smoothly and absorbs super fast, so you are not left with a greasy residue that you can often get wth foot creams.

There is a fruity smell to it, but it is quite a synthietic smell. It does not smell bad, it just doesn’t smell as good as the hand cocoon

Yes it does! I apply this everyday and the skin on my heels is smooth and soft. You can feel it working straightaway.

It isn’t cheap,ranging from about £3.25 to £5, and it isn’t a very big bottle. It is however worth every penny.


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