Cyberman voice changing helmet

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I bought my 5 year old nephew one of these for christmas and he absolutely loved it, he still does, his little face when he opened the box was brilliant!

The price did seem a little steep at first, but it turned out to be worth every penny.

It’s thick and durable enough to withstand the kind of treatment a child would give it, but at the same time light enough for the kids to play with it and wear it comfortably and safely.

I think if it can withstand my 5 nieces and nephews,it can withstand just about anything! It was dropped,pulled,pushed and at one point even dropped down the stairs and there wasn’t a scratch on it.

I know Cybermen don’t really have that much detail,but whatever details they do have,the creators of this toy haven’t missed.

You really need to take into account the size of your child’s head if you are buying it for them.

You can slightly adjust the neck strap,but the actual inside of the Cyberman head is not adjustable. It’s quite spacious.

But just be aware that if you or your child have a small head you may end up holding the Cyberman helmet on so it doesn’t fall off.

The voice changing element in the helmet is best when you are actually wearing it, on the outside it is good, but you can still hear the persons voice through the cyber voice.

It seems the lower and softer you make your voice, the better the cyberman sound you make.

Good for an adult but maybe not for a kid who naturally has a high, loud voice,like many kids do.

Whilst this product probably wouldn’t withstand too much scrutiny from an older hardcore Doctor Who fan, it’s great for young kids, they’ll be deleting you all day long! 


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