How to have a romantice, sensual, and CHEAP Valentine’s Day!

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We all know that the normal protocol for Valentine’s Day is a romantice dinner and maybe a romantic movie, but there are so many things that can be added to those slightly mundane plans to spice things up and make each of you feel loved and adored.

The Card

There is no need to buy expensive presents on Valentine’s Day, but a card is a must.  Take the time to search for a card that reflects how you feel about your significant other, but choose a card that also reflects your own personality.  Handmade cards are wonderful, but I definitely feel they are not needed.  There are hundreds of beautiful cards available in stores, but plan ahead and give yourself at least a few days to look for the perfect card.

The inside the card is the most important part.  Do not rely on the manufactor’s message to convey how your feel about your loved one.  Write your own message!  Say the things that you don’t say on a daily basis.  Life can be crazy and hectic, so some of those deeply moving things that you feel for you loved one may not be spoken on a regular basis.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to express those silent feelings and to thank your loved one for everything he or she has brought to your life.

The Date

Along with adding your own special touch to your card, also add a special list of things you and your lover should accomplish on Valentine’s Day.  The list can start off with simple and sweet things and as the night progresses add in the naughter things to get your temperture rising and desires flying!

Here is an example of an acticity list for Valentine’s Day.  Feel free to use these examples, but also add in things that mean something to you and your date.  Since Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, it is easy to do these things throughout the day, but this list can be midified to incorporate these items when it falls during the week.

1.  Cook breakfast together and eat it in bed or cuddle on the couch.

2.  Leave little love notes all over the house for your special someone to find throughout he day.  Leave them in the bathroom drawer, so they can find them as they get ready for your special date.  Leave them in a wallet, purse, or even a makeup kit.  These are things you know your loved one will open at some point during the day.  If you have a device that allows you to leave a special message, do it!  If your loved one is going to he gym and he or she is going to use their MP3 player or IPOD, steal it for a moment and leave a special message on it (if the device allows this).  Some newer cars with digital dahsboards allow you to program in your own little message.  Take a look at your owners manual to find out how to add your message to the dash.  Take a look around your living space or your partner’s living space and you will find fantastic places to hide sweet little notes.

3.  Once you are out on your date make an effort to hold hands in the car or at the restaurant.

4.  Make out in public (at least for a few seconds!)

5.  Grab your loved one’s butt in public (be tactful and don’t embarrass them).

6.  Do something naughty in the car (even if the car is still sitting in your garage, this can occur before, during, or after the date).

7.  Sit together in a booth at dinner and feed each other desert.

8.  Buy some naughty dice and use it later once you get home.  Warming massage oil is also a wonderful additive to the bedroom.  Also, candels are always a wonderful way to warmly light a room.

Add in anything that you and your loved one are comfortable doing and anything that brings you both closer.

My husband and I will be following a similar fun list on Saturday so I will comment on how it went!

Good luck to everyone and have a great Valentine’s Day!!!


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