10 Things to mix Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey with

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1.   Root beer mixes wonderfully with Jim Beam. The two complimentary flavors are exquisite even though they do not sound like it. Do not judge a drink by its title.

2.   Mello Yello I like this drink at room temperature. Served in a highball glass.

3.   Jello See it wiggle watch pt wiggle J-E-L-L-whoa! Simply replace the water with Jim Beam when mixing Jello.

4.   Coke or Diet Coke Yeah we have all tried it. It is probably the most common way to serve Jim Beam.

5.   A belly button. Jim Beam makes great belly shots! The taste seems to be directly determined by how attractive the subject is.

6.   An ugly girl. The portions of Jim Beam to mix here vary greatly

7.   Cream soda mix about six ounces of cream soda to one ounce of Jim Beam and add ice

8.   Kool aid of your favorite flavor. Cherry flavored is always a good choice with Jim Beam

9.   Jim Beam always mixes well with Jim Beam but you need to get a glass that is twice as big for this drink.

10.   Saliva! Yes this is a perennial favorite the spit in your own mouth. The old tried and true, just pour it straight in there. Jim Beam can be mixed with saliva straight from the bottle in whatever quantity felt necessary

These are not the only things Jim Beam whiskey is good with. This is my personal top ten list of thing to mix with Jim Beam.


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