Having a babysitter stay overnight

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Having a babysitter stay overnight to watch your children while you go out for an extended period of time takes a lot of planning and careful consideration.  Not only do you have to prepare your children for being without you an entire night, you must also choose the babysitter carefully, prepare yourself.

Having a babysitter stay overnight should only be done when both you and your children are perfectly comfortable with the babysitter.  It is advisable that you only do this with a babysitter who has been watching your children for a long time has an established relationship with the family.  This babysitter should already know all the house rules, what to do in an emergency, and how to best deal with your particular children when there are problems.

Prepare your children for having a babysitter stay overnight by creating a feeling of excitement as if it was a special occasion.  They may be most comfortable sleeping in their own beds as usual or you can create an event that feeling by setting up a tent and the living room or something similar.  Knowing that your children are looking forward to having a baby sitter stay overnight can help you release some stress and worry.

When deciding to have your babysitter sleep overnight at your house, it is also important to consider the babysitter herself as well as for parents if she is a teen.  Be sure that your babysitter is perfectly comfortable with the arrangements.  Provide a comfortable bed or couch for her to sleep on, plenty of food in the refrigerator and cabinets defeat both herself and the children, and specific instructions about what she can do or use in your house.

If your babysitter is still legally under the control of her parents, you should definitely speak to them before hiring her for an overnight stay.  It is important to not only get their permission, but to reassure them that their child will be safe as well.  If this is a long-term babysitter who you’ve had for many years, chances are you already have some type of relationship with her parents.  Hiring the babysitter to stay overnight requires additional discussion.

Having a baby sitter stay overnight can’t give you, the parents, additional opportunity to keep your marriage strong, attend social events, or travel on a limited basis.  As long as all parties involved: you, your children, the babysitter, and the babysitter’s parents, are clear and accepting of the arrangement, there should be no problems with your overnight stays.


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