Why editing is essential for web copy

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No matter what type of web copy you write: website content, blog posts, or marketing articles, editing is an essential part of the process.  In the virtual world where millions of websites are competing for potential customers or clients, you must edit your web copy for both correctness and effectiveness.  The better the web copy, the greater the chance it will increase your business profits.

Editing is essential for web copy for various reasons.  An otherwise intelligent and professional website owner can fail to impress if their copy is filled with spelling, grammar, and word usage mistakes.  Even visitors who are not well-schooled in English language rules can tell if your web copy sounds awkward or rambling.  Also, web copy that is raw and unedited can fail to provide the important information in a searchable manner.

Many people rush through the first draft of web copy in order to get down their ideas without being sidetracked.  Some work from an outline, while others write from the seat of their pants.  No matter what method is used, the web copy will not be perfect the first time.  Editing is the practice that will polish the writing into an effective communication tool.

There are several steps to editing web copy online. Edit your web copy for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage first.  If you are not clear on these things, use spelling and grammar checkers and educational resources online to brush up on your English skills.  You may also ask a more knowledgeable friend to proofread your web copy.  If you fail to deliver quality in any of these areas, your web copy will lose effectiveness, as the reader will not view you as professional.

Editing web copy is also important for marketability purposes.  Website content, articles, and blog posts must be searchable or you will not succeed.  Edit the text to include the correct percentage of keyword phrases that are both popular and have low competition rates.  It is important to include them in sufficient quantities without creating web copy that sounds repetitive or awkward.

No matter how skilled you are in writing, editing is essential for web copy that you want to be read and appreciated.  Developing easy-to-read and enjoyable web copy that both attracts search engines and potential customers or clients is vital to the success of a website.  Editing for clarity, English grammar and spelling, and usability is the final step before revealing your web copy to the world.


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