L’oreal pure zone anti regreasing moisturiser

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I have incredibly oily,shiny skin, so as soon as the L’oreal pure Zone range came out, I went for it straight away.
I had tried so many other anti regreasing solutions,from oil papers to oil free foundation and yet my face would still be shiny after about 45 minutes.

When I first used this moisturiser, I was a bit alarmed at the colour of the cream as it was blue. But when I put it on my face it was completely clear.

On first application it feels fresh and tingly, it smells good (quite strong though, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have sensitive skin) It goes on really smoothly, but you do need to use quite a bit.

My skin felt clean all day and it managed to keep the shine away all day too! It makes a great base for a moisturiser as it is so smooth and will help stop it sliding off your face. It also helps to even out your skin tone after just a couple of uses and minimises the appearance of pores. At around £4.99 it’s worth every penny.


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