Beds, Mirrors, And Colors in a Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Bedroom is the place where we rest and relax after hard work, communicate with the spouse, or spend nights full of hope for a better new day. However, according to the science of Feng Shui, bedroom is not simply a place to spend the night. It is also a place that may greatly influence health, personal and professional relations, success of certain affairs, and of course, luck in love.

That is why it is important to make sure that the bedroom influences your life positively. It may depend on several things:

  • Bedroom location. The best area for a bedroom is south-west of the house. This direction corresponds to Feng Shui love and marriage area.
  • Bed position. It is better if the bed does not face the door directly while still allows you to see the door while lying on the bed. The under-bed space should be free, allowing good energy to circulate not only over, but also under the bed. Also, don’t forget to treat both sides of the bed equally: each side should be equally easy to reach. This will ensure success in love, marriage, and romantic relations.
  • Mirrors. Do not place mirrors in front or above the bed. Though a mirror ceiling may look really nice, it won’t add to your health. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, position it in such a way that it doesn’t reflect you sleeping.  
  • Colors. Avoid too bright and aggressive colors. They attract too much of the active energy, so there are great chances you won’t sleep and rest well in a brightly colored bedroom.

So, these were some basic tips to start from. If some of them are impossible to follow due to the peculiarities of the bedroom, don’t get upset: look out for further Feng Shui tips, or ask a question.

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