Cheap make up constance caroll

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I saw constance caroll make up when I was 13, in my local “discount” shop. I didn’t have very much cash in those days (still don’t), so I gave it a try. I didn’t have very high expectations because it was so cheap, but I still use it 11 years later!

The foundation I use is the mattifying mousse one (only recently available in my local shop)
It’s £1.99 and comes in a wide range of colours. It performs just as well as the £7.99 + ones.

The eyeshadows come in a huge range of different colours ranging from the obvious to the bizzare (why anyone would want orange eyeshadow is a bit beyond me)

The mascara I use is great for me as i don’t need anthing fancy, my eyelashes are quite long and they curl up naturally. It gently curls them with no clumps and comes in shades of blonde brown,black,dark blue and electric blue. If you have hort eyelashes or lashes that curl down then I wouldn’t recommend it as it may not be up to the task.

The nail varnishes are an absolute bargain, they are 75p and they come in an amazing range of colours. They go on smoothly dry really quite quickly and they last for ages.

This is a great make up range if you are on a budget or if you just want to change your look without spending a fortune. 


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