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For some reason my hair has started becoming really dull and flyaway.
I tried this as John Frieda  has always been quite a trusted brand, and I thought that this would help ease the frizziness and flatness.

It comes in a squeezy tube, it’s not a thick mixture so it i very easy to end up with too much, so be gentle.

To create subtle definition, calm flyaways and softly separate layers.
To illuminate without adding colour.

When I applied this to my hair, it seemed to calm the flyaway hairs on the top of my head. However it didn’t separate my thick hair and could only cope with the mild frizz on the top of my hair.

Within about 2 hours, the flyaway hair on the top of my head had returnd and as I had applied this product all over, my hair was very greasy..
It is non colour depositing but it did not illuminate my hair, it just sort of left a greasy residue in the top of it.

The only saving grace of this product was the smell and that faded very quickly.

If you have dry frizzy hair then I would not recommend this product.
It was about £4.99 and I have used store brand alternatives that have done a better job. 


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