Doctor Who Visual Dictionary

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Despite being 24 years old I was given this as a christmas gift by my sister. I have been a doctor who fan ever since the christopher Ecclestone series (too young to remember anything about the previous series!)
My first thought was that it was a children’s book and that my sister was trying to tell me something!

When I opened it up though, I was amazed!
It’s got a hard, wipe clean cover (great if it is for a child) with a fantastic picture of a Dalek on the front, and the blue bit of the eyestalk is raised and made of plastic.

They are fantastic quality pictures of all of the characters from the first series and the second series (they have missed a couple out of the second series,but nobody majorly important)
These include the monsters and the good guys, everyone from the slitheen to Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith.
There is an open out picture of the inside of the T.A.R.D.I.S that is absolutely incredible! The detail is mind blowing.

Each picture of the characters is accompanied by a detailed but simple to read description of them and the role that they play.
The description of the Doctor features information about him and his home planet of Galifrey. There is even information on the Sonic Screwdriver!

The writing is a decent size, so it’s not too difficult for a kid to read, and despite all the detail, for a Doctor Who fan, it would never be boring as it is straight to the point. It’s not too complex for a child to understand, but it is not so simple that you feel silly reading it.

I don’t know how much my sister paid for it,but I have seen it in my local bookstore for £9.99.
This is a great book for any adult or any child who is into Doctor Who, my 5 year old nephew makes me read it to him every time he comes over! 


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