Batiste dry shampoo

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The ends of my hair are very dry and quite fragile, but my scalp and roots seem to get very greasy very quickly.
Washing my hair once a day was ruining it, I saw Batiste dry shampoo advertised in a magazine and thought I would try it out.

I bought it from my local pharmacy for 99p (now £1.09) and used it the next day.

It’s simple enough to use and it even comes with instructions. All you need to do is spray it on to the roots and massage through your hair with your fingertips and leave for a few moments, then brush it out (it says on the can “preferably with a natural bristled brush, but I use a plastic bristle one and it works fine)

The product smells a bit odd on application, but that goes away as soon as you brush it out.
I had to brush my hair fairly vigorously to get it out, but once I did I could see the difference straightaway. My roots were less greasy and it was like I had washed my hair, and it only took about 5 minutes!


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