Melissa Rycroft is the Bachelor winner DeAnna Pappas will appear on the Bachelor when Jason proposes to Melissa Jillian will be sent home

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The Bachelor show wants us all to think DeAnna is returning on Monday, but I feel Jillian will go home this week and DeAnna will make her appearance when Jason will propose to Melissa. Now to me that would defiantly put a scare on all the serious Bachelor fans.

DeAnna has mentioned that her appearance will be well worth the wait, but what does she really have in store? From reading and talking to other Bachelor fans DeAnna is apparently getting very serious with a guy named Ace Amerson. So to me the reason why DeAnna is showing up on the Bachelor is a true publicity stunt to give the show more ratings for the upcoming seasons ahead, which will cause a lot of drama for Melissa, Molly, and Jillian. I also believe the reason why Jason has a surprised dumb found look on his face in the upcoming episode is, because he will find out about DeAnna and Jesse breaking up, which he didn’t know about. DeAnna is not there to take Jason away or make him change his mind. Matter of fact I feel she will actually tell Jason not to rush and think things over before he gets hurt once again. Read on about why and see where you will find bikini pictures of Jason’s new wife.


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