Dove pro age handcream

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I’m 24, so I don’t really “need” handcream for older skin, but my hands are so dry, I thought that if it was for older skin, it would be more of an intensive moisturiser.

The application
It glides on really smoothly and you don’t need to use a lot.
It absorbs fast too, but I found it left a greasy residue on my skin.

The smell.
I found the smell really bad, it was a really strong chemical smell, I know that isn’t majorly important, but I don’t want something on my hands all day that stinks.

The benefits.
It made my skin feel smoother, but all I found was that it just coated them in a greasy film, nothing seemed to absorb well enough to make a difference.

The Price.
It’s not bad at around £2.29 but I have found moisturisers around that mark that have done a much better job. 


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