L’oreal nutri gloss conditioner.

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I bought this conditioner as I don’t have dry hair but I do have dull hair that tends to go a bit frizzy.
The promise of “mirror shine and cashmere touch” lured me in.
The price made me a bit apprehensive as I have been told so many times by countless beauty magazines that you have to pay at least £10 in order to get a good conditioner.
So at £1.99 i wasn’t expecting much. But I was really pleasantly surprised, it’s nice and thick, so you really feel like you have a quality conditioner on. It made my hair soft,less frizzy and more shiny after just one wash, that was with just the conditioner!
It smells really good too, i was told that it smelled like cherries.
I would highly recommend this product to anybody that has either dry,dull or frizzy hair. It is quality conditioner at a bargain price. 


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