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If you spend much time watching TV or movies and reading magazines, your perspective starts to suffer when it comes to real life. The way the media influences expectations isn’t just applicable to children and teenagers: we all get a little warped when we’re exposed to the fake worlds of fashion and entertainment

When you spend your life running after a toddler or shepherding bigger kids around town, you may be feeling less like a happy mother and more like a disenfranchised maid. You don’t have to send the kids to boarding school to get a little me-time. In fact, you can put the little dickens to work. Children as small as four years old can be taught to brush your hair (although they probably can’t learn to brush their own just yet). You can share a face mask with your kids, letting them rub it on your face. You can rub a little on theirs too, and then everybody can wash it off together.

Having time to yourself is an important part of life, and mom’s need time too. If your children are still at the napping age, invite a girlfriend over at nap-time and do each other’s nails or hair, just like you did when you were a teenager. Trade babysitting with another mom and take yourself out for a movie, or hire a sitter to take your kids to a movie while you shop or stay home to read.

But you’re still a busy person, and quick beauty means you’re saving time for more important things. So use the following time-saving tips to make the most of your time.

Use a moisturizer-sunscreen combination. That way, if you decide on the spur of the moment to take the kids to the park, your face is ready to go. Slick the kids down with sunscreen, and off you go.
Use lipstick with a sunscreen to protect lips too. Professional makeup people prefer brushes for perfect lips, but lipstick is faster and can be smudged with your finger.

If you can find a shampoo-conditioner that works, go ahead and use it. I haven’t found one that works as a detangler, so it saves me time to use separate products. My hair brushes a lot easier and faster when I use conditioner.

Keep Kleenex and towelettes in the car and in your purse for quick ice-cream clean-ups.

Keep meal bars in your purse to snack on between trips to the store, the school, the tennis court, the ballet lessons etc. etc. A hungry mom is a cranky mom!


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