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All about Soul mate

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I think about that question a lot. Is it really someone out there for everyone? You think you have met that special one and turns out the wrong one. Everyone say you will know your soulmate. What are some clues to know?

When I got married. My husband felt like he was “THE ONE”. We share similar things about each other. The things we did was alike. We even looked and thought alike. He was my bestfriend. It soon ended and everything fell apart.

So I ask again do everyone have a soulmate? Is possible for someone to have a fairytale life, and live happily ever after? Or is this something people tell you so you want give up?

My friends responce:


I thought I had found ‘the one’ 4 years ago. And he even said he felt I was ‘the one’. 4 years later, he informs me he wants to ‘move on, alone’. So, now I’m packing to move, and he’ll be moving to the new house alone. Is there someone out there for everyone? I actually think there is, it’s just finding them in the puzzle. And this, coming from someone who has been divorced 3 times and now this seperation. lol


Yes i do. i’ve been with my current baby dady for three years and we’ve knowen each other for more then 5 years now. we have gone through a lot of different things in our lives and no matter what happens he’s always been there for me. he has his good and bad moments but i still love him no matter what happens. the one thing that i love about him is that he would give me the world if he could and i would do the same. we never seem to fight about anything and he’s every thing that i look for in a mate and father of our soon to be baby girl.


I believe everyone probably has a soulmate. the unfortunate thing is most of us never meet them and we compromise and eventually settle for what we have in front of us. This is why I like the idea of sites like eharmony and the like. I don’t really approve of online dating but the premise of these match sites are fascinating to me as you can get matched according to your likes and dislikes. That person you are looking for may not be in your town, state or country for that matter.

I thought I had met my soulmate, turned out it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t think anyone will live a fairy tale life but it is possible to be happy with that person. I think the first real step is finding out who you are, and only then can we be truly happy with anyone else.


No, I don’t believe in a soul mate but I do believe in destiny. I’ve been in a couple of long term relationships that, for one reason or another ended, but they lead me to where I am today, married to a truly wonderful man. My destiny was to be with him…but to be with him later on in life after his wife died. To help heal his pain. My destiny was also to have children…but not with him. My destiny was to be strong and my life experiences made me strong.

Some people meet the person they are destined to be with for the rest of their life early on and some don’t. Some relationships go bad for reasons out of your control and sometimes you’re the one who helped it to go bad. You are forever growing as a person and, as you go through life, you learn from your mistakes. Take the lessons learned from the past into the future with you and you will eventually find the right partner to share your life with. Don’t*settle*. Expect quality and accept nothing less.


I believe that it is possible to have a soul mate but I don’t necessarily think that it has to be a romantic relationship. I believe that you mother, daughter or best friend could also be a soul mate, someone you have a special connection with.

Some claim that you encounter your soul mate every life time that you have (if you believe in reincarnation) and he or she can appear under different guises not necessarily as a romantic partner. It rings true to me. I feel my daughter is a soul mate, not just because we have the very special mother and child bond, it goes beyond that and as she grows older I can sense that more and more.

As far as living happily ever after, that is up to you. You can have your happy ending with or without a partner. I think that the man-woman relationship is good learning ground. Sometimes by getting what we don’t want it teaches us what it is that we do want!

As far as your ex is concerned, some people are meant to come into our lives just for a while for whatever purpose but don’t worry, you know what they say when a door closes another one usually opens! Good luck! Wishing you happiness! happy.gif


According to Wikipedia, a Soulmate (or soul mate) is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and/or compatibility.

Looking for your soulmate introduces high expectations. Expectations almost always will result in disappointment somewhere along the road. Get rid of the expectations and you’ll find that you have opened up for wonderful experiences and people. Each with their own beauty and value. And the best is that they don’t have to live up to this ideal of soulmates. Which means they can just be themselves. There’s nothing to prove.

So, if you can share I can reassure you. It may take a you are wondering whether or not there could be someone out there for you, with whom while before you find them and along the way you may encounter a number of other soulmates as well. And you should be grateful for that.


If I have a soulmate somewhere I don’t know where they are! I’m not exactly looking either! I have been single quite a long time now and I’m quite happy with the freedom that this brings. I guess when you are with someone though you will feel deep inside that something is right, you will feel comfortable being with that person. Anyway, there may or may not be someone looking for me on the other side of the world!


I don’t believe in being in love anymore. Being in love means losing control of oneself. I do believe there are people who are so afraid of being alone that they settle for the first person they see. I am not like that. I will keep looking. I don’t know you know. People seem to be unable to keep to commitments made previously. I just am not able to trust anymore.

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