Palmolive milk and honey handwash.

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I have really dry hands and whilst I used to spend a fortune on expensive hand creams, someone suggested to me that I might try a hand wash that was specifically designed for very dry skin.

I went through several (although it seemed like several hundred) before I found Palmolive milk and honey hand wash for very dry skin.

The smell.
It smells delicious; it has a soft honey smell that stays on your hands for quite a while afterwards.

Does it clean your hands?
Yes, my hands were clean and they smelled nice too. It manages to get your hands as clean as a whistle without drying them out.

Does it make your hands soft.
I wouldn’t really be able to say that it makes your hands soft, but it does help to keep them softer. As it is a soap free formula, it won’t dry your hands out.

The price.
I bought it on special offer but at around £1.50 it is most definitely worth every penny as my hands have stopped feeling quite so tight and dry, and my cuticles have stopped peeling


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