Home learning with ICS A review.

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I had seen so many adverts on the TV about ICS and I was looking for a course in fashion design, college courses were ridiculously expensive and with ICS, there is a payment plan. You pay a certain amount each month, depending on what the price of your course was. Sounds like a good idea right?

Setting up the course.
Not a great start, although it was a free phone number, the person arranging everything was not helpful, he knew practically nothing about the course and was generally quite rude.

Before I could have the course sent to me, they sent a lot ( and I mean a lot) of legal information and forms to me, including payment details. This was meant to arrive within 2 weeks, it took 4.

The course itself was thorough and I had no complaints about the material. You had to send your work back and it would be graded, and returned, 7 of the 10 pieces I returned were not sent back to me.

I called the company to ask why and I was told that coursework was not always sent back, when I told them that it said on my paperwork that it would be, they said that they had sent it back.

I continued paying for the course and completing the work, but as it came to the last 3 months, I received no course work. I called the company again and they said that I had completed it, but they were still charging me for it!

I really would avoid ICS, their customer service is diabolical and trying to get a refund out of them is practically impossible.


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