Diabetes And Heart Problem The Primary Cause of Obesity

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Diabetes and heart problem the primary cause of obesity

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Obesity is the major cause for diabetes and heart issues. In schools there are many kids obese because of cheese pizza and they take three servings, at 1 time they get salad, milk, a fruit and main course like cheese pizza, peanut butter regular and hot dog, chicken. They can have second serving but third and fourth servings are not good because they their activity level is low and all they eat is stored as sugar and unused sugar is converted as fat, that is how fat get accumulated. Always eat small quantity. I hope you guys agree with me. If you have any other suggestion let me know.

After asking my classmates,friends,relatives and posting in net i’ve got the following suggestion:


I agree with you 100%….Children now days are obese and thankfully now our schools here anyways are looking at ways to improve the food that they give our kids at lunch and even breakfast for those who need before school care. They are also stopping the use of vending machines which are filled with junk and soda machines. My son, is VERY VERY active, so I don’t worry about him at all right now and he eats what we eat, so I know what he is consuming each day, but kids who don’t do anything but sit on the couch and watch tv, and then eat junk food or just eat all day, its kind of scary!!


Yes obesity or the carelessness of eating habits leads to heart problem. The general well being of our heart depends largely on the food we eat.

The muscles of the heart are continusly at work every moment that you live. The energy demanded by the heart is very great, both in amount and in the rate at which it is required. From your diet you must get the food factors-the vitamins-necessary for energy exchanges in the body.
As an example, let us take vitamin B deficiency. When the supply of Vitamin B1 is not adequate, many disturbances occur in the utilization of food for the production of energy, and this disturbs many tissues of the body. Nervous tissues are affected because they can utilize only carbohydrates which must be prepared for them by other tissues of the body. The heart muscles are paticularly affected because of their high and critical energy demand. Anything that disturbs the fundamental metabolism of the body, as deficiency of most vitamin B does,must in some degree affect the heart. Therefore I say unless we select our diets(obese should) with care, heart desease will remain a scourge.


I definitly agree with you eshwarik! Not only does obesity lead to heart problems and diabetes, but it also causes high blood pressure which is dangerous for heart attacks or strokes. Very dangerous! Who would’ve thought food was a killer?

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