Fight Painful Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

A painful side effect of pregnancy can be the nightly leg cramps. These painful cramps most often strike when you’re in a deep sleep and towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. They are excruciating but you can proactively prevent them. This article will give you tips for preventing them. By following a few guidelines and about 2 minutes of leg exercises nightly, you may never have to contend with these painful spasms again.

What causes pregnancy leg cramps?

When pregnant, our bodies go through a major metamorphosis and the additional weight our legs must bare can have an impact on muscles and you can have sciatic pain and femur pain as well. Leg cramps can happen at night due to many factors such as the weight gain, dehydration, poor circulation and vitamin deficiencies. By dealing with circulation, eating well and getting some help from your spouse, you can reduce the chances of having these pains which disturb your much needed rest.

Pregnancy and Vitamins

Be sure you take your prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Getting enough calcium, magnesium and potassium can reduce the chances of painful leg cramps. Eating a daily banana can increase your potassium levels and reduce the chance of painful muscle spasms like leg cramping.


Be sure you’re well hydrated. Many pregnant women avoid having a drink before bed to reduce nighttime waking to urinate but dehydration can cause problems with muscles and increase your chances of having leg cramps.


Circulation is very important when you’re pregnant and can really help you minimize the frequency of aches and pains. If you suffer from repeated problems with leg cramps and other aches and pains, consider taking a nightly bath and soaking with witch hazel which can help with swelling and circulation.

Before you retire for the night, ask your spouse to massage your thighs and calves for you.

Leg Cramp Exercises

Before you retire lay in bed and raise one leg and flex your toes several times. Then rotate ankles clockwise and counterclockwise about ten times each. Then do the other leg.

A combination of all of the above can help you feel better during pregnancy and reduce the likelihood of night wakings with excruciating leg pain.

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