How To Use a Blog To Help Your Online Business

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Do you need a blog for your business? Can the blogosphere really do all that much for you?

Many corporate websites for companies large and small today have a blog attached to their website. A blog is a fantastic tool for doing multiple things. It can drive traffic, get you more customers, increase customer satisfaction and improve your SEO rankings.

First, it helps you communicate with your customer. If you have a voice, you don’t appear to be a nameless and faceless corporate entity. Customers like dealing with people and a blog helps your customer feel like they are buying from a real person. It gives you a chance to share information and news with your customers. It’s a great vehicle to drive information to your client base without pushing information at them too aggressively. They choose to read your blog and choose to find out about your company. They can also choose to comment and they can help spread the word. Blogs get syndicated and people do social bookmarking with them as well. Your blog is ideal for viral marketing!

SEO and the Corporate Blog

A blog does great things for your SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Altavista love blogs and will often index them faster than websites. Linking a blog to your website can increase the number of links out there and increase your website relevancy in your niche which can doubly impact your PR. How? It can impact your public relations and your page rank!

How to get the most from your blog:

Your blog should be optimized for your keywords just as much as your website is in order to attract the right audience. Blog posts should give value to readers and encourage participation. You can also use your corporate blog to announce contests, special discounts and to get feedback from your customer base.

How do you manage your business blog the right way?

If you don’t know that you can keep the content fresh and write it in a way that will bring you the right traffic and get you the right SEO value, hire a professional blogger. A professional blogger can work closely with you to ensure that your blog provides maximum benefits to your business.


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