How To Trick Your Body’s Metabolism For Weight Loss Success

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There are a lot of diet gurus saying that calorie shifting is the way to trick your metabolism so you don’t plateau. If you follow a set diet, your metabolism can predict what’s happening and will work at a slow pace.  Changes will wake it up and get it moving.  Continuous changes applied in a healthy manner will keep it motoring at a fast pace which can result in a great deal of fat loss.

How do you do confuse your metabolism ?

Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t eat the same calorie count every day.  Vary your caloric intake by watching it and planning it. Use a calorie counter to plan your menus.
  2. Eat a low calorie diet for several days and then a high calorie diet for a few days to confuse your metabolism
  3. Eat smaller, more frequent meals to get your metabolism working harder
  4. Eat something as soon as you wake up so that your metabolism starts moving immediately
  5. Don’t always make your dinner the heaviest meal of the day
  6. Fast once in a while by doing a juice fast or water fast for a day (don’t simply fast for any length of time without first  researching  and getting knowledge about the subject!)
  7. Try a new diet.

Diets like the Idiot Proof Diet use calorie shifting and include foods that induce release of fat burning hormones.   Diets like the Sacred Heart Diet will help you to burn more calories than you’re taking in and diets like the Master Cleanse help you cleanse your body of impurities which can enhance your body’s ability to properly digest and process food.

Confusing your metabolism while eating healthily and exercising is a great way to overcome weight loss failures and avoid the plateau which’ll help you reach your goal sooner!


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