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Big Vs. Small

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Big Vs. Small

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Contrariness is a very familiar term to our dissimilar world. We notice the darkness after light, the bad after good. Actually contrariness is everywhere, you cannot neglect it. Sometimes it’s distinct because of distance, and sometimes because of size. You can find a container or trailer very large when you are in front of it. But have a sit on a helicopter and notice the container from a distance. It will look like an ant searching for its food. Amazing, isn’t it? And what about a mom and a newly born child? There we can notice contrariness as well.

A newly born baby looks much smaller than its mom, and its hands are like small sticks against her mom’s bigger hands, funny! Now, change the background. Think, you are on a boat, sailed off for fishing. Suddenly a big ship comes beside your boat and it seems like it will grind your small boat. Yes, contrariness is also present here. 

The game of Big vs. Small can be seen anywhere, even while it is about creatures like large Pyramids and small people sitting under it. A small, newly born frog is hardly equal to our fingers, sometimes just a little bit of larger than our nails. Interesting! Again, you imagine about the jumbo-jets. It is much bigger and too long too. But when it flies on the sky, it really looks like a fly. It seems it is nothing but a spot on the moon! 

People are also prey of this contrariness. When we walk through the mountains, we look like small animals in the contrary to the large crests. Moreover, recently the smallest Quran is written which is nothing bigger than a newly born frog. It is just as small as our fingertips. One can easily keep it in ones large hands.

Contrariness is also present in the size of human beings. Some are too short while some can touch the ceiling, and some are as thin as they do not get food while others need to diet to reduce their fat belly. Really the earth is very amazing! The game of Big vs. Small will never end in this fascinating world. Let’s see who wins.

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