How to Make a Candy-Wrapper Throw Pillow

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Square and rectangular throw pillows are already common, sitting on beds and sofas across America. But, bolster pillows – the tube shaped, pliable throws, which are also sometimes called neck-pillows – are underrated decorative accents. And, if you’re looking to create a decorative one, all you really need is a bolster pillow, some decorative fabric, ribbon, and imagination. (You can use a needle and thread, but you don’t even have to sew!). Adding a candy-wrapper, or tootsie-roll, style bolster pillow is a quick way to spice up a room. 

1. Find a pillow insert form (the 230 thread-count and medium density of these Primaloft pillow forms provide just the right durability).

2. Cut a piece of fabric 10 – 20 inches (or more) longer than the pillow insert form itself. The extra length you measure will depend on how much extra fabric you want left over on either side for the ties. (Keep in mind: an extra 10 inches of length will give you 5 inches on either side, an extra 20 inches of length will give you 10 inches on either side, etc.). Make sure that the fabric you measure and cut is slightly wider than the circumference of the pillow, so that it can go around once and still have a little overlap.
3. Wrap the fabric around. (Note if you want to sew a tube of fabric, lie the fabric down with the right side facing up. Bring the edges together, slightly overlap them, and then hand-stitch them. Flip the fabric right-side out, and simply slip the pillow in).

4. Cut the ribbon to your desired length. Gather the extra fabric on either side, wrap it around the ends at the base of the pillow, and tie a secure knot. 

That’s it. You can even fray the ends a bit, either by cutting slits and creating thing strips at the ends, or by pulling at the threads with the ends of the scissors. (Just be careful). 

There – now things look a little more festive, don’t they?  


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